Our Team in Collaborative Care

The team at CareWell Health Group comes together to bring you the best in collaborative care. We are a multidisciplinary clinic focused on delivering care that is patient-centred. Patient-centred care is when the patient has an active role in clinical decisions and how treatment is delivered. In this healthcare model, care is respectful of patient preferences, needs and values.

We’re happy to announce that Dr. Jane Dennis, Psychiatrist, has recently joined our team! She is available to book with through a referral from a medical doctor. She will be seeing patients in her exam room on the second floor.

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver effective, efficient, quality care that is evidence-informed and to the highest of ethical standards. This means that we strive to deliver treatment that is based on the best available scientific evidence.

Our approach often includes collaboration between the various healthcare providers of our clinic or your family doctor, to ensure that you receive the best care. Dr. Luke Boudreau, our Clinic Director, is an experienced chiropractor that has been working closely with numerous family physicians in the Guelph region since 2004. The CareWell Health Group team consists of like-minded, hard working, healthcare providers that serve Guelph with skill and compassion.

When you arrive at our clinic, you can expect to be treated with kindness, respect and dignity.

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