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Dr. Emily Murphy ND

Dr. Emily Murphy BSc., ND is a Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for patient-centred, evidence-based care. In 2007, Emily completed a four year Honours degree in Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University. Inspired by her own experience with complementary care and her love of biological science, Emily went on to four more years of study at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2011, and is currently practicing in Guelph, Ontario.

Emily is committed to providing effective, individualized care. She works with her patients to help them feel their best and achieve their health goals. Emily’s goal in patient care is to help her patients connect with their bodies, and become empowered about their health.

Dr. Murphy has a passion for education, which has meant that she provides seminars and webinars to the general public regularly, and has had articles published in Nourish magazine. She also provides corporate lunch and learns, has been featured on the radio show “Strange Brains” with Alina Kislenko, and also on Roger’s TV in Guelph. She has also been teaching the Lifewatchers 10-week program at Goodness Me (Guelph location) since 2015.

Emily uses a functional medicine approach to treatment, which is an evidence-based, root cause medicine. She uses diet and lifestyle assessment and modification, stress resilience training, nutritional supplementation, botanicals and acupuncture to help her patients meet their specific health goals. Areas of special interest include: women’s reproductive and hormonal health, digestive health, sleep, stress, blood sugar management and weight management. She also has a keen interest in ADHD/ADD that has been developed through her work with the ADHD and Asperger’s Centre in Guelph, ON. However, the scope of Naturopathic Medicine is a large one, and patients wishing to explore any health concern are welcomed into Emily’s practice.

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