I have been in practice for over 21 years. During this timeframe, I have seen the good, bad and the ugly in healthcare. Many patients still struggle with the business side of healthcare. Although most healthcare providers have strong ethics, there are always rotten apples in every profession that view patients like a number or a dollar sign. These unscrupulous practices include scare tactics that a push patients to attend long-term treatment plans (even when no results are apparent) or patients endure the ‘two-minute treatment’, and do not feel that the provider is truly engaged in their health.

At CareWell Health Group, you can be certain that our staff and healthcare providers view your health as the number one priority. We strive to produce results using the best evidence-informed care. Your treatment will never feel rushed in our clinic because we know that effective care requires time and attention. We also know that our patients deserve the fastest path to health and we often collaborate with others inside our group or outside providers to achieve this. Having a team approach to care is not a new concept, but it is still not as common as it should be. CareWell is truly a team and as a patient, you get the benefits of our team’s knowledge from Chiropractic, to Physiotherapy, from Massage to Osteopathic care, we understand that we are better working together.

Come give our services a try. Improving health and wellness is something everyone deserves.


Dr. Luke Boudreau BSc, DC, MHA
Clinic Director